The Sedona Deck & Oracle

The only deck created in Sedona about Sedona.  Fun, colorful & easy to use. Now you can bring some of the energy & teachings of Sedona to you, when you purchase The Sedona Deck & Oracle.

Unique deck of 33 cards and booklet features
Sedona Red Rock formations, animals & plants of the Desert

Each deck contains

  • 13 Power Cards, which cover rock formations, energy areas and vortexes.
  • 14 Influences Cards, features local plants and critters
  • 6  Element Cards, which includes aspects of nature that shape our lives in large & small ways.


© Kathleen Gabriel  2003,2007, 2016

All  33 cards plus a booklet all come to you in a beautiful tuck box.
$25 per deck  $8 shipping in US



Sedona Deck & Oracle
So many people come to Sedona for the experience of the energies of the red rocks.  The Sedona Deck is imbued with the unique energy that Sedona holds.
The Red Rock, representing our essence, our physical being; connecting your physical body to these cards when you call to them.
The glyphs represent those who have lived and learned before us, and reminds us to connect with our ancestors.
The sky, a deep blue, reminds us of those times as a child, when we look up to the stars and bathe in the vastness of our universe.  Lastly, each card is imbued with the crescent moon, representing our endless transformation, which occurs through birth, life, maturation and growth along our path.
We allow earth & Spirit to flow through us and welcome its messages, healings and comforts.

This deck was created so you can take the feel and magic of Sedona with you as you journey on this beautiful planet. You can put to use some of the mystical red rock energies or simply enjoy the images created here.

As you work with these cards, allow them to guide you through the beauty that is Sedona.  Give yourself time to read and absorb the teachings within the enclosed booklet, but also, pay attention that which the card itself is trying to teach you.


How the Sedona Deck came about….
I was given the idea for this deck by Spirit shortly after I moved here to Sedona many years ago. As an artist I have been consistently inspired and constantly amazed at the magic, enchantment and beauty of this place.
All of Sedona has an “otherwordly” quality about it, which changes constantly throughout the time of day and the seasons….it never looks the same

There is so much beauty – so many areas to experience – these cards represent only a few pieces of the magical puzzle of Sedona. As you explore you will find your own connections through the cards – whether you’ve actually walked among the red rocks or simply wish to do so.
Every area has its own unique energy imprint, its own very different physical presence, from its formation, coloring, vegetation, four-legged and winged ones. Each area has its own sense of “beingness.” If you doubt this take a walk anywhere here and really look at the red rocks – everyone sees something or someone differently …and that’s the magic of Sedona!